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  • Panic buyers struggle in the face of uncertainty
  • Panic buyers struggle in the face of uncertainty
    Polina Zimmerman (2020) ©

Panic buyers struggle in the face of uncertainty

When pandemic lockdowns were announced, people flocked to stores to stock up on essentials – often leaving supermarket shelves bare. Research has shown that the people more likely to panic-buy are those who struggle with uncertainty and seek control through their actions.



  • Pandemic availability shakes up Aussie brand loyalty Pandemic availability shakes up Aussie brand loyalty

    Product shortages during lockdown saw Aussies switching out their favourite brands for competitors and they’re saying they’ll stick with them. As shoppers increasingly look to buy locally and sustainably, tapping into shifting priorities is one way to win back lost fans.

  • Article image Judy: prepper packs for modern Americans

    Natural disasters, global crises, and a pandemic have made people more aware than ever of the need to prepare for the unexpected. With individual- to family-sized prepper packs, preparedness nudges, and an SMS helpline,  Judy ensures Americans are equipped for whatever may come their way.

  • Article image Heinz To Home: D2C bundles to fill pandemic pantries

    Panic-buying at supermarkets has made it difficult for many people to get hold of the everyday goods they need. With traditional fulfilment channels stretched by COVID-19, Heinz is embracing a direct-to-consumer model to get its products into pantries with just a few clicks.

  • Article image What can I do!? The science of seeking control

    The spread of COVID-19 has seen people frantically stock their cupboards and freezers, with empty supermarket shelves a common sight worldwide. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Leonard Lee, a marketing professor at the National University of Singapore, to understand the human needs that fuel panic-buying.