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  • Freedom to choose healthy food is a ‘myth' in the UK
  • Freedom to choose healthy food is a ‘myth' in the UK
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Freedom to choose healthy food is a ‘myth' in the UK

The freedom to choose between healthy and unhealthy food is a 'myth’, says a new report. With few people in Britain able to afford nutritious options, and with COVID-19 highlighting the importance of a good diet, researchers say a food system overhaul is needed to improve the nation’s health.



  • Article image Why ordering a takeaway became a civic duty

    Besides an August of dining out on the government subsidy, takeaways are a mainstay of pandemic life. These comforting treats aren’t just a break from the dishes, but a way to spend locally without leaving the sofa. So how are delivered meals transforming taste and brand affiliation in the UK?

  • Article image Medleys: kid-friendly, healthy takeaway

    While takeaways are often a go-to for time-pressed families, they’re not known for being healthy. Medleys is looking to change that, with a food-delivery service that focuses on nutrition but doesn’t compromise on taste – all at family-friendly prices, it’s indulgence without any guilt.

  • UK shoppers need help making healthy food choices UK shoppers need help making healthy food choices

    A study has found that there’s a disconnect between how healthy people want their diets to be and how nutritious they actually are. To help kick-start a better lifestyle, they’re looking to brands for advice on how to determine which foods are sustainable or healthy and which should be avoided.

  • Article image How can brands help people eat well in food deserts?

    More than ten million Britons are underserved by healthy and affordable food outlets. They live in what are known as food deserts,  whether in housing estates or rural areas, and socioeconomic factors mean it’s the poorest that are hit the worst. How can brands better cater to these areas?