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  • Google teaches kids to spot fake news
  • Google teaches kids to spot fake news
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Google teaches kids to spot fake news

Google has revamped its digital safety curriculum, Be Internet Awesome, with a new lesson, 'Don't fall for fake', which teaches kids how to spot fake news stories and other misinformation online. In doing so, the technology giant positions itself as a platform that cares about the safety of its youngest users.



  • Young students struggle to identify unreliable sources

    Young students struggle to identify unreliable sources

    A website dedicated to reliable sources is helping young students find trusted content. But in removing unreliable sources, 'Web For Classrooms' might not be teaching kids how to manage content effectively, providing an opportunity to better teach critical thinking of online sources.

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    Why don’t people trust big tech any more?

    Web giants such as Facebook and Google have woven themselves into billions of lives, but countless controversies over the years have a growing number of users questioning if they can trust these companies. How are data breaches and fake news changing people’s relationships with big tech?

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    Vero: ad-free social media that puts privacy first

    Privacy concerns and ad-dominated feeds have mainstream social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram facing a ‘trust crisis’. Subscription-based platform Vero offers an alternative with the promise of transparency and control – but is it so different from established industry giants?

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    How reliable is news shared on social media?

    Filter bubbles and ‘fake news’ have people concerned about the credibility of content shared on Facebook and Twitter; 13% of Britons say stories posted on these platforms are mostly unreliable. Canvas8 sat down with 20 people across the UK to get their views on social media as a news source.