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  • Netflix prepares to exit Georgia to show its values
  • Netflix prepares to exit Georgia to show its values
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Netflix prepares to exit Georgia to show its values

Netflix has threatened to reconsider its investment in the state of Georgia due to its legal attempt to restrict abortion rights. As people want brands to share their values, boycotts over polarizing issues have become a way to take a meaningful stand and win over new audiences.



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    How call-out culture can make brands more authentic

    With social media giving everyone a voice and helping to raise awareness of corporate missteps, people are more critical of brands than ever. But ‘call-out culture’ doesn’t have to be a source of concern – it can be an opportunity to create authentic identities both reactively and proactively.

  • Celebrity Standards

    Celebrity Standards

    With Gen Z’s ethical orientation integral to their self-identity, digital natives are not only taking to task those brands that do not live up to their standards, but are also looking for public and cultural figures to adhere to a strong moral code. As people come to demand more of politicians and pop stars, good ethics are no longer perceived as an optional extra.

  • Ethical Entertainment

    Ethical Entertainment

    The entertainment industry has been the source of much moral outrage since the #MeToo movement shed light on the unethical actions of well-known actors, directors, and musicians, forcing fans to rethink their media consumption. And while 38% of American moviegoers would continue to see a film that featured a lead actor who had been accused of sexual misconduct, many others are putting more onus on companies that support suspect creators; 57% of people say they’d boycott a brand entirely based on its stance on social or political issues.

  • Celebrities are influencing brands as well as people

    Celebrities are influencing brands as well as people

    In February 2018, Snap Inc. lost $1.3 billion in market value. That same week, Kylie Jenner expressed her disdain for the app's redesign in a viral tweet. The incident highlights how brands must be aware of how big influencers view their brand and work to be responsive to them.