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  • US influencers struggle to win over Chinese audiences
  • US influencers struggle to win over Chinese audiences
    Kim Kardashian | Instagram (2019) ©

US influencers struggle to win over Chinese audiences

For American social media stars, success in the West doesn’t automatically translate to popularity in China. High-profile celebrities are having notable difficulties connecting with Chinese audiences, who expect influencers to have a genuine connection to their culture.



  • Article image How social media is affecting Chinese attitudes to wealth

    In 2018, the internet in China was awash with images of people falling over with an array of luxury items around them in an explicit show of their wealth. Seen against the backdrop of the nation’s ongoing anti-corruption campaign, what can this social media trend tell us about attitudes to wealth?

  • Article image ‘Wang Hongs’: Chinese Gen Z’s New Leaders of Consumption

    Known as ‘Wang Hongs’, highly relatable internet stars in China now surpass bloggers when it comes to doing business with major brands. But the superficial nature of the lifestyles presented on social media can have a negative impact on the mental health of these influencers and their audiences.

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    Millions of people share photos of themselves on social media every day, but the kind of pictures they post on Instagram rarely match those on Snapchat. Canvas8 spoke to marketing professors Alexa Fox and Pom Nakhata to understand how people use selfies and what it means for brands.

  • Article image Kimoji: the sticker economy comes to the West

    Emojis may be everywhere in digital communications, but next to stickers, they’re starting to look dull and dated. Brands and celebrities, including Kim Kardashian West, are cashing in on the craze with their own sticker apps, simultaneously embedding themselves in people’s mobile lives.