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  • Stressed-out mums value the community of Mumsnet
  • Stressed-out mums value the community of Mumsnet
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Stressed-out mums value the community of Mumsnet

With modern parenting more pressured than ever, it’s important for parents to have communities they can lean on for support. Online forums like Mumsnet form a precious safe space for mothers, allowing them a private space where they can express themselves and connect with others.



  • Article image The Parenting Chapter: honest tips for parents-to-be

    Confusing and conflicting advice from professional bodies and course providers is creating unrealistic expectations for new mums and dads. The Parenting Chapter brings a fresh approach to antenatal and postnatal support by offering information in easy-to-digest, affordable digital lessons.

  • Article image Is Instagram a positive platform for new mums?

    With more than 90% of US mums using Instagram at least once a week, parents are certainly active on Insta. But what emotional impact is it having? We reached out to four experts to understand how scrolling through squares and Stories can be a positive (and negative) experience for new mums.

  • Article image Peanut: swiping right for new mum mates

    The UK’s NCT has long provided new parents with expert info and a route to a new set of pals. But the pricey classes and ideological zealotry mean that many mums are after an alternative. Enter Peanut, which applies a Tinder-like model to friendship, easing anxieties at this stressful life stage.

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    Becoming a parent for the first time is a joyous occasion – but it's also highly stressful. With so many conflicting sources of information at their fingertips, it's unsurprising that women often feel anxious about being a good mother. How can brands lend a helping hand at this time?