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  • Gen Z favour custom content from brands
  • Gen Z favour custom content from brands
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Gen Z favour custom content from brands

With 79% of Americans keeping their smartphone on or near them for 22 hours a day, brands have become an integral part of our digital lives. But what kind of content do people engage with? New research suggests that 90% of people like custom content from brands.



  • Article image How can handwriting make marketing more human?

    Snail mail may seem outdated in the digital era, but direct mail campaigns garnered a higher response rate than any digital channel in 2016. Canvas8 spoke with Charlotte Pearce, founder of Inkpact – a handwritten marketing company – to find out why the pen can be mightier than the keyboard.

  • Article image The Book: a secret magazine for select shoppers

    With luxuriant paper, beautiful photography, and acclaimed contributors, The Book wouldn’t be out of place on a specialist newsagent’s shelf. But this magazine is only available to dedicated John Lewis and Waitrose customers, serving up high quality lifestyle content to boost brand engagement.

  • Burberry creates custom Pinterest board Burberry creates custom Pinterest board

    Burberry has long been a pioneer of tech-savvy luxury branding. Now, it's begun its firsy foray on to Pinterest, with hopes to tap into a user base of over 100 million a month. The brand is letting people create individualised make-up boards on the platform to promote its Cat Lashes mascara.

  • Article image Would you want to chat to a brand on WhatsApp?

    Private messaging is an ideal medium to do the obvious – open a dialogue and conduct a conversation. In fact, 59% of all US social sharing now occurs in private channels. But while people are happy to chat to their mates on platforms like Facebook Messenger, how can brands get involved?