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  • Netflix is letting people binge-watch offline
  • Netflix is letting people binge-watch offline
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Netflix is letting people binge-watch offline

With mobile now the norm, people are used to being able to access content whenever they want, regardless of where they are or what they’re doing. Netflix is now making this easier than ever with the introduction of a download function, which allows its 83 million users to watch offline and on-the-go.



  • Article image How are commuters consuming media?

    With the average UK commute lasting 38 minutes, communications that provide convenience, entertainment or a simple distraction can make the time spent travelling feel shorter. But what do people read, play or buy going from A to B? And how are brands engaging this captive audience?

  • Article image How the internet is changing the television industry

    With on-demand services thriving and viewer numbers falling, is the golden age of TV over? Canvas8 spoke with Alan Wolk, author of Over the top: How the internet is slowly (but surely) changing the television industry, about how TV will adapt and whether the traditional ad model will survive.

  • Amazon Prime to stream original film Amazon Prime to stream original film

    The availability of high quality original programming on services like Netflix and Amazon Prime is challenging how television is made and viewed. So how will the film industry respond to Amazon Studios’ decision to start developing its own original film content in 2015?

  • Bridj is streamlining your commute Bridj is streamlining your commute

    Packed carriages, noisy buses and hot trains can make it difficult to be productive during your commute. Bridj is hoping to change that with its luxury Wi-Fi-equipped shuttles. And by dynamically choosing the best route based on big data analysis, it's cutting down commute times too.