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  • Zipjet offers up on-demand laundry in Paris
  • Zipjet offers up on-demand laundry in Paris
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Zipjet offers up on-demand laundry in Paris

Doing the laundry is one of those chores that seems to never end, and coupled with the dwindling amount of free time people have today, it's easier to just outsource your dirty work. Now, Parisians can do exactly that with Zipjet – an on-demand laundry service.



  • Article image How is cleaning going high-tech?

    A third of consumers clean every day, and as their distrust of harsh chemical detergents grows, designers and scientists are responding with high-tech solutions. How will cutting-edge innovation do away with dirt in the future, and in ways that are considerate to the environment?

  • Article image The Laundress: conditioning your cashmere

    Caring for delicate garments can be difficult, often requiring a trip to the dry cleaner’s. Laundry and home care brand The Laundress offers an eco-friendly at-home alternative with innovative products that allow people to care for their precious items themselves. Is the future of laundry luxury?

  • Article image LG Twin Wash: doing loads of laundry in half the time

    More than half of Brits struggle to find time to maintain a house whilst juggling work and a social life. LG claims that with the Twin Wash, laundry is one chore that'll take half the time. As convenience becomes the ultimate luxury, will people be willing to pay a premium price for it?

  • Pay-as-you-wash laundry machine Pay-as-you-wash laundry machine

    The recession has changed the way we consume. From houses to cars and even clothes, rising costs mean we are more open to renting. In the Netherlands, a start-up called Bundles is loaning members a free washing machine, charging them only for what they wash each month.