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  • New dads lose more sleep than mums
  • New dads lose more sleep than mums
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New dads lose more sleep than mums

Traditionally, we assume it’s the mother who loses the most sleep following childbirth. But recent research shows that in couples with a newborn, fathers are the ones getting less sleep. Once again, while new dads are increasingly taking responsibility, they still feel poorly portrayed in the media.



  • Baby showers for dads are more popular than ever Baby showers for dads are more popular than ever

    ‘Dadchelor’ parties are more popular than ever. These are baby showers especially for soon-to-be fathers – think beer, burgers and nappies. There’s also been a rise in ‘co-ed’ celebrations – parties for both parents. So why are dads so keen to have their own send-off before they hit parenthood?

  • Fatherly targets the ‘new dad’ mentality Fatherly targets the ‘new dad’ mentality

    While domesticity still resides largely with women, new generations of men are seeking a more active role in their children’s upbringing. The internet is awash with sites providing support to mothers, while dads are as underserved as ever. Fatherly intends to change that.

  • Article image How has the role of ‘dad’ changed?

    The role of dad has changed from breadwinning head of the family to friend, protector, role model, teacher, and carer, and there's now a record number of single dads. But while 75% of dads are responsible for their kids’ well-being, why do only 20% see that reflected in media?

  • Article image Where Are We Going, Dad? China’s new parental roles

    As China's approach to parenting undergoes a dramatic shift, what turned a reality TV show about cute kids and their hapless dads into such a hot topic in the world’s most populous country?