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  • Avon products get tested by beauty bloggers
  • Avon products get tested by beauty bloggers
    Isis Rodriguez (2011) ©

Avon products get tested by beauty bloggers

When it comes to beauty, whose reviews do you trust most? Celebrities, make-up artists, the brand itself? Avon’s banking on it being bloggers, with its new campaign featuring the likes of Helen Anderson, Mother Pukka and LoveLaughandMakeup. But will it get people talking about the brand?



  • Article image Yelp Elite: breaking bread with the everyday expert

    Launched in 2004, Yelp has grown to include more than 50 million businesses worldwide. And it’s transformed how people find a place to eat; we now rely on tips from internet strangers. But thanks to Yelp Elite, some of these strangers are more powerful than others. So who are these influencers?

  • McDonald’s uses Vloggers to dispel brand myths McDonald’s uses Vloggers to dispel brand myths

    McDonald’s has already jumped on the vlogger bandwagon, launching a youth-oriented YouTube channel fronted by star vloggers Gabriella Lindley and Oli White. But now the chain is attaching even more stock to this kind of marketing, using it to dispel negative myths about the brand.

  • Karma transforms trust online Karma transforms trust online

    Whether it’s meeting someone you found on Craigslist, bidding for high value goods on eBay, or renting a room through Airbnb, these transactions could potentially put you at risk. Karma is a browser extension that wants to put your mind at ease and make transactions stress free.

  • Article image Who really trusts an online review?

    With over 61% of people reading online reviews before making a purchase decision, it’s even more important than ever to separate the good ones from the bad. But with peer reviews and professional write-ups often having contrasting opinions, who should we trust – and why?