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  • Footy fans flock to the UK
  • Footy fans flock to the UK
    Danny Molyneux (2015) ©

Footy fans flock to the UK

Why do tourists come to the UK? To wonder at Windsor Castle? To hike in the Scottish Highlands? 2015 figures from VisitBritain show that 800,000 international visitors to the UK in 2014 went to watch a football match. And these footy fans are spending big while they are abroad.



  • Article image How people travel to get fit or fit in

    What happens if you’re too fat, fit or fabulous for a regular beach or city break? As demand for active, gay-friendly and plus-size holidays grows, travel operators are offering breaks that meet niche needs. In the second of a two-part report, Canvas8 looks at those travelling to get fit or fit in.

  • Article image Silver Crystal: the sports retailer beating the internet

    Sports jerseys are fans' war paint; tribal garments with history and passion fused into every stitch. Now, Silver Crystal Sports is changing the way they're bought. It's offering customisable jerseys on-demand to the fans who want them most; those in the stadium, who're still pumped up from the game.

  • Article image The Green Soccer Journal: a new niche of football fandom

    For many lads in the UK, football is key to their upbringing. More than half a billion people watched the FA Cup final in 2013 – sports fans are a formidable group. But is rampant misogyny, hooliganism, and heavy drinking really the hallmarks of a modern footy fan?

  • Article image Topgolf: driving Gen Y to the golf course

    When you think of golfers, images of retired men, dressed in whites strolling around the course spring to mind. Topgolf, with its ‘entertainment centres’ are trying to change that. And it’s working; 64% of customers at Topgolf are aged 18 to 24. So what is Topgolf doing to engage this audience?