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  • CosScan is an intelligent skincare app
  • CosScan is an intelligent skincare app
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CosScan is an intelligent skincare app

It can be hard to work out which skincare products are best for you. Product ingredients are endless and much of the time incomprehensible to someone without a chemistry degree. CosScan is an app hoping to change this, scanning your product for you and giving the all clear.



  • Article image Mother Dirt: rethinking the meaning of clean

    Science has long been used by cosmetics brands to assert themselves as authorities on beauty and well-being. But consumers are shrewder than ever. Mother Dirt is different; it's the brainchild of a scientist. But can beauty buffs get to grips with cosmetics containing live bacteria?

  • Article image What beauty brands can do to diversify

    Black women have long been underrepresented by cosmetics brands in terms of product ranges and advertising campaigns. But as the global population becomes more diverse – and as companies recognise the diversity that’s always existed – could the beauty market be set for an overhaul?

  • Article image Geneu U+: skincare tailored to your DNA

    Everyone has a skin problem – saggy, dull, greasy or dry. Spots are no longer a teenage problem; half of adults have acne. Geneu has developed U+, in-store technology that tailors skincare to customer’s DNA. But do we really want to mix science into our beauty regime?

  • Skincare designed for urbanites Skincare designed for urbanites

    SPF skincare has become a must for beauty products – from drugstore staples to high-end lotions. But with more than half the world’s population now living in cities, there's a new environmental factor that's affecting our skin. Is anti-pollution the new SPF?