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  • Fatherly targets the ‘new dad’ mentality
  • Fatherly targets the ‘new dad’ mentality
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Fatherly targets the ‘new dad’ mentality

While domesticity still resides largely with women, new generations of men are seeking a more active role in their children’s upbringing. The internet is awash with sites providing support to mothers, while dads are as underserved as ever. Fatherly intends to change that.



  • Gen Y are redefining fatherhood Gen Y are redefining fatherhood

    Gen Y are fully-fledged adults, and they're proving once again that they're doing things differently to their predecessors – this time, when it comes to parenthood. This generation’s dads are redefining all previous ideas we had not only about fathers, but about family as a whole.

  • Article image How geek parents are reinventing family time

    In 2013, Gen Y helped grow sales of licensed merchandise to $51 billion in the US and Canada. Determined to raise their children in their own geeky image, Gen Y parents are introducing them to their pop-culture interests at a young age. How are these geeks reinventing family time?

  • Article image How has the role of ‘dad’ changed?

    The role of dad has changed from breadwinning head of the family to friend, protector, role model, teacher, and carer, and there's now a record number of single dads. But while 75% of dads are responsible for their kids’ well-being, why do only 20% see that reflected in media?

  • Article image Forget 2.4 children, this is the modern family

    No two families are the same. We’re all individuals, and our relationship with our relations is just as complex and unique. It’s not easy to effectively represent the ever diversifying face of the ‘modern’ family – and a bold attempt by Honey Maid has sparked fresh debate.