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  • Eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner
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Eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner

In 2014 people in the US gobbled down 260 eggs each, an increase of more than 11% from 2014. Eggs are no longer just for breakfast – they accompany hamburgers and top off pizzas. And as ‘brinner’ – eating breakfast items for dinner – grows in popularity, is the appeal of eggs only set to rise, too?



  • Article image Who has time for breakfast?

    Americans spend on average 12 minutes eating breakfast – just half the time they spend eating lunch and dinner. When did the most important meal of the day become so rushed? And how are brands capitalising on our hunger for a quick fix?

  • Waking up with on-the-go breakfast Waking up with on-the-go breakfast

    With increasingly busy lifestyles, our eating habits are changing. Over half of people in the UK tend to eat on-the-go without the time to sit down to enjoy their food. As we have less time dedicated for eating, on-the-go breakfast products are growing in popularity.

  • Article image Beyond Eggs: economical, ethical and laid in the lab

    How do you like your eggs – eco-friendly, or affordable? A start-up claims to have found a vegan solution that can offer both. But will people be willing to go Beyond Eggs?

  • Article image Paleo: dieting goes back to the Stone Age

    The Paleo diet emphasises the importance of understanding our species' evolutionary history by determining which foods promote optimal health.