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  • Shop what you care about with the Disclosed app
  • Shop what you care about with the Disclosed app
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Shop what you care about with the Disclosed app

Are you a vegetarian? Are you trying to lose weight? Or are you an eco warrior? Everyone is different, and everyone's purchasing decisions are influenced by different factors. A concept app called Disclosed aims to help you ‘shop the way you care’ – you'll never buy anything mindlessly again. 



  • Article image Everlane: ‘Radical Transparency’ for savvy millennials

    Beautiful craftsmanship and fine fabrics aren't cheap, especially given the 800% markup between factory and shop floor. But now that US start-up Everlane is cutting the middle man to make ethical premium clothing affordable, its ‘radical transparency’ could really shake things up.

  • Article image Why brands shouldn't talk about values

    Over the last decade, brands have made a real effort to ‘go green’ – and they expect a positive response. But a study by Yale suggests that people are actually less likely to buy if the environmental benefit seems intentional. So how should a brand demonstrate its green credentials?

  • Article image What do we want comparison sites to choose between?

    In the UK, 56% have used a price comparison site in the last two years, and 52% have actively purchased or switched as a result of using these types of services. But savvy customers no longer just care about price. How are services adapting to changing consumer expectations?

  • Article image Why more choice isn't always better

    In an increasingly cluttered marketplace, how can retailers deal with ‘choice overload’? Psychologist Barry Schwartz tells us what’s working and what isn’t in the quest to choose better.