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  • Google is disrupting the insurance industry
  • Google is disrupting the insurance industry
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Google is disrupting the insurance industry

When US consumers search 'car insurance' in Google, they’ll now have the option to go via the search engine to get the best price. After launching a comparison tool for insurance products in the UK, now the brand is entering the US market, too – posing new risks to insurers.



  • Article image What do we want comparison sites to choose between?

    In the UK, 56% have used a price comparison site in the last two years, and 52% have actively purchased or switched as a result of using these types of services. But savvy customers no longer just care about price. How are services adapting to changing consumer expectations?

  • Article image How car-hacking will change the way we drive

    To many, car-hacking sounds like an improbable danger from a distant future. But many new cars are connected to wireless networks, and are already vulnerable. Hacking is responsible for a third of car thefts in the UK. Is digital security now the car industry’s biggest challenge?

  • Article image Metromile: pay-as-you drive car insurance

    The US car insurance industry is worth around $199 billion - but car use is declining, and one third of people sought a new insurer in 2013. Adapting to changing usage patterns and customer demands, Metromile makes insurance more customer-friendly with a pay-by-the-mile scheme.

  • Article image DriveNow: Germany's convenient car-sharing

    As Millennials increasingly perceive ownership as a burden, car-sharing companies like DriveNow are changing the game. From Dusseldorf to Munich, they’re catering to an ever-growing percentage of young Germans for whom owning a car is no longer a viable or ‘cool’ thing to do.