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  • Walgreens and WebMD launch health advisor
  • Walgreens and WebMD launch health advisor
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Walgreens and WebMD launch health advisor

With 100,000 health apps on the market, people are increasingly tracking their vitals on their smartphones – signalling new opportunities for health brands. A partnership between America’s largest pharmacy chain Walgreens and health service WebMD capitalises on this behaviour.



  • Article image Wait! What does your portable life coach say?

    Does Google have all the answers? A new wave of premium mobile services don't think so. Connecting people with real-time advisors in everything from fashion to finance, innovators are creating a future where having a panel in your pocket, ready to offer support in one click, is the norm.

  • Article image Electronic skin patch: painkillers tailored to you

    In a world where products and clothes are designed to fit every body shape and size, why does medicine still use ‘one size fits all’? Is wearable technology finally advancing to provide a more bespoke healthcare service and more personalised medicine?

  • Article image PillPack: streamlining your medicine

    Pharmacies don't always offer great retail experiences. PillPack wants to solve this with a subscription-based online pharmacy and new method of delivery. But are people ready to ditch a fail-safe but frustrating routine for a more expensive but simpler alternative?

  • Health insurance for digital natives Health insurance for digital natives

    The American Affordable Care Act gives millions access to health care, presenting an opportunity to enterprising companies. Oscar is a new insurance company aimed at digital natives that looks more like an Internet startup than an insurance company.