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  • Kindles are ditched for paperbacks
  • Kindles are ditched for paperbacks
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Kindles are ditched for paperbacks

Are we ditching e-readers for paperbacks? The pros and cons for e-readers over paper books revolve around the sentimental, tactile value of physical books versus the practicality of e-readers. Have we picked a side? 2015 figures show that the paperback might be killing the kindle.



  • Half Price Books stands up to Amazon Half Price Books stands up to Amazon

    In an industry where revenue has decreased an average of 3.2% a year since 2009, how has Half Price Books kept growing? And with Amazon dominating in the sector, how has the brand managed not only to stay afloat but to open five new stores per year?

  • Article image BookTubers: the internet brings teens back to books

    Generally, e-reading simply involves tablets and e-books – but a new relationship is developing where literature and online virality are intertwined. Booktubers are broadcasting their favourite reads to thousands of fans. But how has YouTube become a home to bookworms?

  • Article image Endgame: turning a paperback into a multimedia journey

    As a publisher in the 21st century, how do you capture the attention of a generation of kids raised on tablets and computer games? Author James Frey thinks he has the answer – Endgame, a book that transcends its pages onto social networks and into the real world.

  • Read your Kindle in a bookless library Read your Kindle in a bookless library

    A third of Americans now own an e-reader, and e-reading has become a more common than picking up a paperback. Universities like Florida Polytechnic are embracing the de-materialisation trend by opening libraries which offer no physical books and instead houses 135,000 e-books.