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  • App helps Islamic tourists dine Halal
  • App helps Islamic tourists dine Halal
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App helps Islamic tourists dine Halal

The foodie tourist has long been well-catered for. Many seek authentic local dining experiences when they go abroad, but what of those whose diets are more restricted? A new app now caters for the Muslim travel market – one that’s growing faster than any other.



  • Article image The taste of Waldorf Astoria: luxury hotel food goes local

    With Far-Eastern tourists becoming more extravagant, and Western visitors searching for authenticity, luxury hospitality is undergoing a difficult transformation. The solution, for the Waldorf Astoria Group, is to offer a new gastronomic experience that celebrates the brand’s heritage yet offers a series of new iconic dishes to attract fine-dining travellers.

  • Article image What do we want comparison sites to choose between?

    In the UK, 56% have used a price comparison site in the last two years, and 52% have actively purchased or switched as a result of using these types of services. But savvy customers no longer just care about price. How are services adapting to changing consumer expectations?

  • Asia's Airbnb now offers 'cultural fit' Asia's Airbnb now offers 'cultural fit'

    PandaBed is Asia’s answer to Airbnb, matching homeowners and holiday-makers. But what if a peer-to-peer connection comes with an awkward cultural fit? The PeerMatch service offers the chance to rent your room out to people according to shared culture, religion or age.

  • Halal travel for Muslim tourists Halal travel for Muslim tourists

    Halal Trip rates flights, hotel and tour packages according to their level of ‘Halal friendliness’. It’s aimed at the growing Muslim tourism market, worth $126.1 billion globally and predicted to grow on an average of 4.79% year-on-year until 2020.