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  • Solving Mumbai’s pothole problem
  • Solving Mumbai’s pothole problem
    Pothole Watch (2014) ©

Solving Mumbai’s pothole problem

LEGO figures dive into them and Superman and Wonder Woman hang out in them. These are the infamous Mumbai potholes, and The Fill in the Potholes Project wants to draw the attention of local government by attaching stories to some of the city’s worst.



  • India moves away from motorised transport India moves away from motorised transport

    Delhi is ranked as one of the most polluted and populous cities in the world by international organisations, so traffic is often a problem. Now, urban planning experts say there is a need to promote sustainable public transport in the capital.

  • Is politics the new 'cool' in India? Is politics the new 'cool' in India?

    In an attempt to quantify political debate in one of the world's largest democracies, Twitter India has collaborated with TCS for the iElect app. A combination of big data, social media and mobility is helping to make sense of a discussion which involves more than 800 million voters.

  • Article image Keeping up with the Kapoors

    Today's young Indians aren't 'Indian' at all. They're global consumers with modern values and a growing desire for an international lifestyle. And the world is beginning to take note.

  • Article image Collaborative Living

    There has been a dramatic shift in recent years towards collaboration and co-operation, with collaborative working changing how innovations are made.