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  • A present in the post from Wehkamp
  • A present in the post from Wehkamp
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A present in the post from Wehkamp

Dutch online department store wehkamp.nl has created packaging that makes it feel like you're getting a gift through the post. Brightly coloured ribbons and friendly written copy make the parcels feel like they're from a friend rather than a brand.



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    The UK is one of the most developed online retail markets in the world, with 82% of internet users regularly shopping online. But how can retailers recreate their brand within your home? And how can amazing service, beautiful packaging, and try-on technology bring an online brand into your bedroom?

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    Up to 50% of clothes bought online are returned, and the cost of shipping and handling can be high for companies, sometimes over 30% of the garment’s original price. True Fit's smart online fitting tool solves the problem and is used by the likes of Macy's and Nordstrom.

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    Nearly 50% of people return clothes bought online, for reasons from the wrong fit to not liking the colour. But what if you could experience owning things without having to buy them first? The GU Fitting service in Japan lets people try an outfit for a day before paying for it.