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  • Students prefer offline clothes shopping
  • Students prefer offline clothes shopping
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Students prefer offline clothes shopping

Buy clothes from the comfort of your sofa, or visit the high street for something that fits ‘just right’ today? While students typically prefer shopping online, when it comes to clothes, 70% prefer to buy in-store according to research conducted by UCAS Media.



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    I Love Mall: shopping in a virtual world

    Brazilians have a long-running love affair with malls. There are currently 503 shopping centres across the nation, earning a total revenue of R$129 billion in 2013. Can an e-commerce platform that promises to be a virtual mall entice Brazilians to spend online?

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    GU Fitting: borrow a bag before you buy

    Nearly 50% of people return clothes bought online, for reasons from the wrong fit to not liking the colour. But what if you could experience owning things without having to buy them first? The GU Fitting service in Japan lets people try an outfit for a day before paying for it.

  • Online shopping: now with instant returns

    Online shopping: now with instant returns

    Buying clothes online is great. Until you find out they don’t fit and the nearest post office is miles away. Not the case with Jeansonline.com though, who’ll leave a courier waiting outside while you decide if you want to keep your new purchase, or return it on the spot.

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    Shopping in the smartphone age

    Clothing store Hointer is out to revolutionise retail. It combines the best of physical and digital in a customer-centric real-world experience that's as fast and efficient as buying online.