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  • Challenging the pharmacy queue
  • Challenging the pharmacy queue
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Challenging the pharmacy queue

Waiting around in a pharmacy for your medicine is hardly an enjoyable experience. SendaScript is an app that hopes to challenge the prescription service market. It lets people take a picture of their prescription, send it to a pharmacist, and pick it up once it’s ready.



  • Drinking juice like it's medicine Drinking juice like it's medicine

    No longer is ‘thirst quenching’ a good enough reason to purchase a soft drink. People are choosing beverages based on what “innovative” feature or added nutritional value they contain, as highlighted by a 2014 Beverage Industry report.

  • Article image PillPack: streamlining your medicine

    Pharmacies don't always offer great retail experiences. PillPack wants to solve this with a subscription-based online pharmacy and new method of delivery. But are people ready to ditch a fail-safe but frustrating routine for a more expensive but simpler alternative?

  • Big data leads to cheap medicine Big data leads to cheap medicine

    Cliquefarma is a price comparison website which scans databases of 40 pharmacies in Brazil, saving time and money. Given that medicine is the third most popular item Brazilians buy online and takes up 12% of e-commerce, the site is set to release an app.

  • Article image Health management, trust and awareness

    We quiz five women in London about their attitudes to healthcare, doctors and alternative medicine.