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  • Honda mocks brands that 'target Hispanics'
  • Honda mocks brands that 'target Hispanics'
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Honda mocks brands that 'target Hispanics'

With brands and agencies pandering to every last Hispanic linguistic and cultural stereotype in an effort to grow their appeal, Honda has launched an advert that mocks their efforts. In just 30 seconds, the advert shows how young Latinos can't be 'boxed' into a stereotype.



  • Article image How are modern Muslims rewriting stereotypes?

    From the fashionable Mipsterz to the ‘Happy Muslims’, the latest cultural movements in the Islamic world have been well documented across social media. With a global population of approximately 1.57 billion, what are the implications for brands trying to reach modern Muslims?

  • Latina: JCPenney's new brand muse Latina: JCPenney's new brand muse

    With plans to close 33 stores across the country after a continued slump in sales, one of America's oldest retailers – JCPenney – has been having a tough time of late. A new strategy, however, is pinning turnaround hopes on a new brand muse: tapping into the Latina market.

  • 'Made in Bangladesh' 'Made in Bangladesh'

    American Apparel’s new campaign features LA-based employee Maks, an ex-Muslim from a conservative family, posing topless with the words 'Made in Bangladesh' across her chest. Whether a comment on female roles, Islam or sweatshops, Maks guarantees controversy.

  • Article image Hypersensitive! The new political correctness

    As issues of representation and diversity come to the fore in a connected world of social media, how is the new political correctness changing the way organisations communicate?