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  • Australia is a nation full of creatives
  • Australia is a nation full of creatives
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Australia is a nation full of creatives

The Australia Council’s 'Arts in Daily Life' study has confirmed that Australia is a nation filled with creatives. Almost half of Australians (48%) are actively involved in making of art, one in five are musically active and 30% are involved in creative arts and crafts. 



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    ‘Sh*t, Shave, Shower, Shampoo’: Australia’s male beauty mantra?

    Beauty Mate is one of Australia's favourite men's skincare brands. But how does this modern shampooed, shaved and waxed man sit alongside the traditional view of the Aussie bloke?

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    Unfinished business: why the prosumer matters

    Creators who leave their products open for remixing and hacking are redefining pop culture and extending the longevity of their success. How can this creativity can be harnessed?

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    Converse Made By

    Converse is launching an app which will let fans design and sell their own trainers to their friends and families through Facebook.

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    Living the Dream

    A subtle, widespread fantasy is taking place which is coming ever closer to reality. This is the phenomenon of Living the Dream.