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Football's Future Fans
6 Dec 2022 — 10:00 GMT
17:00 GMT 09:00 PST • 12:00 EST
With the World Cup happening in November this year, we know that classic fandom behaviors are set for a wintery twist. But beyond seasonal differences, fandom transformations are gaining pace. New markets, Web3 community and new collector culture means football fandom is being played on new terrain. So who are football’s freshest fan types? And what subcultures are shaping the future of football?

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Best of Insights 2022
13 Dec 2022 — 17:00 GMT 09:00 PST • 12:00 EST
After a long year, sit back, relax, and join us for our inaugural Keeping 100 extravaganza. In this session, members of the Canvas8 team will unpack their favourite 100 insights from the past year, getting into the stories that had us talking and the behaviours to watch out for in the coming year.
Expert Outlook 2023
Jan 2023 — 10:00 GMT
17:00 GMT 09:00 PST • 12:00 EST
In a world of garbage trends and crystal-ball gazing, which insights will unlock your next big idea? We spoke to 45 global experts to uncover the behaviours set to disrupt and define 2023. Uncover the consumer shifts and brand developments our Access experts are anticipating.