People want more calm, less excitement post-COVID-19
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Oct 8, 2021
People want more calm, less excitement post-COVID-19

As the world emerges from the stresses of the pandemic, a worldwide survey finds that people would prefer to choose a path of inner peace over life in the fast lane. This has implications for brands, not just in how they position their public offerings, but also how they develop company cultures.

The global poll, conducted by Gallup and the Wellbeing for Planet Earth Foundation, finds that 72% of the world’s population favour a calm life over an exciting one, with just 16% preferring an exciting life and 10% seeking both calm and excitement. Of the 116 countries surveyed, 114 showed at least a 15-point gap, with the majority displaying at least a 50-point gap, highlighting that the desire to seek a life of calm holds across regions, cultures, and as well as income groups. The findings update East-West delineations on a preference for ‘low-arousal’ states such as tranquility – which have historically tended to be higher among Eastern cultures – indicating a remarkably common life purpose.