Japanese women are falling out of love with marriage
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Jan 27, 2021
Japanese women are falling out of love with marriage

The desire to get married is on the decline in Japan, with women in particular becoming less interested in settling down. With the pandemic impacting women and inspiring people to rethink their priorities, traditional life milestones are taking a backseat as individual wellbeing climbs up the list.

According to a survey conducted by matchmaking company O-net, 73.8% of 20-year-olds in Japan either want to get married soon or some time in the future. While still high, this marks a five-point fall from 2020, and while the rate of men interested in marriage has remained the same, the rate for women dropped by five points. O-net points to the pandemic as a reason why marriage has become less important in young people’s minds. “As the prevalence of COVID-19 means university students are struggling to secure jobs for after graduation, it is only natural they have no time to think of marriage,” reads a report on Nippon.com.