Luxe mystery boxes offload excess stock to hypebeasts
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Jan 25, 2021
Luxe mystery boxes offload excess stock to hypebeasts

Even amid the economic fallout of COVID-19, drop culture is thriving. Brands like Heat and Scarce are packaging up items from hyped-up streetwear brands into mystery boxes, feeding people’s desire to uplift their mood through surprise and tapping into fierce brand loyalty.

Heat is one of several brands hawking luxury mystery boxes, a bundle of clothing and accessories from high-end and coveted streetwear brands. The boxes contain items that retail at substantially higher prices than the cost of the box itself, and people are only able to select their gender, size, and whether they prefer the streetwear or contemporary category. Heat uses a tiered pricing system starting at $400. Only 10-15% of the boxes are returned, but if shoppers do so they must return the whole box and pay the shipping costs too. “You are taking a risk because you don’t know what’s in it, but that’s the exciting part,” says college student Macgregor Adams, who has bought around ten boxes from Heat.