Moodrise provides 'digital nutrition' to feed the brain
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Feb 6, 2019
Moodrise provides 'digital nutrition' to feed the brain

Moodrise is an app that improves a user's mood by delivering curated artistic content directly to their screens. While people are becoming more aware of the ills too much screentime can cause, some are opting to use the tech to enhance their health, rather than detox from it altogether.

The wellness app offers 'digital nutrition' to boost users emotional states. Encouraging people to scroll through curated content on their mobile devices instead of spending time filtering it passively through social media, the app allows people to choose between six different mood states and they then receive artistic stimuli that help them achieve a positive chemical reaction in their brain. "Unfortunately, health services aren’t receiving the funding to support the growing problem, and dramatically reducing exposure to digital media isn’t realistic," says Michael Moskowitz, Moodrise's creator. "We developed Moodrise to empower people to proactively manage their mental health."