Vans sees sales surge thanks to viral video
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May 3, 2016
Vans sees sales surge thanks to viral video

“Damn Daniel,” cries Josh Holz in a Twitter post that gained he and Daniel immediate viral fame. “At it again with the white Vans.” The clip's popularity, which went viral in early 2016, left many onlookers scratching their heads. But Vans isn’t complaining, having seen a 30% rise in online sales.

‘Damn Daniel’ is one of those rare internet in-jokes that no one can quite explain. Tweeted by Californian teen Josh Holz, he filmed a sequence of his Vans-toting pal’s outfits, each time commenting on it accordingly – most frequently with the phrase “damn, Daniel.” It’s since been retweeted over 346,000 times. Vans cottoned on to the video’s popularity early on, subsequently tweeting at Holz, providing him and Daniel with free trainers and redirecting the main page of its site to the white slip-on Vans modelled by Daniel himself. And in the time since, the brand has seen a 20% surge in direct-to-consumer sales and 30% rise in online sales.