DinnerTime makes kids put down their phones
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Jun 16, 2014
DinnerTime makes kids put down their phones

A game of Candy Crush that needs completing, a friend request that needs accepting or a Whatsapp message that requires an instant reply. Smartphones are a constant distraction for kids. DinnerTime forces children to put down their phones and eat with the rest of the family.

When the DinnerTime app is installed on both the parent and child’s smartphone, Mum or Dad can boot their son or daughter off the internet at the touch of a button. Parents can choose whether they want their kid to take a phone break for Dinner Time, Bed Time or a Break, and how long for. The child then receives a message saying “Spend some quality time with your family. This device will be available in 29 min 54 sec”. The parents device is set to ‘admin’, meaning a child cannot uninstall the app from their phone.