How video games are giving players a wellbeing boost
6 May 2024
How video games are giving players a wellbeing boost

Video games are transforming from pure entertainment into potential tools for combating stress and loneliness. What’s at the root of this shift? And how can developers, publishers, and brands connect with gamers who are seeking both entertainment and wellbeing benefits?

Dr. Daria Kuss

Dr. Daria Kuss is a lecturer in psychology at Nottingham Trent University, and also heads up the university’s Cyberpsychology Research Group.

Rachel Kowert

Dr Rachel Kowert is a research psychologist with over 15 years of research, education, and advocacy experience around the uses and effects of games.

Kehinde Grace-Adepetun

Kehinde Grace-Adepetun is a freelance writer with a passion for delivering engaging narratives. Based in Lagos, she has contributed insightful articles across various publications, showcasing her ability to delve into diverse topics.