How instant noodles become a creative cooking must-have
30 Apr 2024
How instant noodles become a creative cooking must-have

TikTok has been awash with recipes and hacks to elevate the simple instant ramen and make it more of a culinary classic. But what’s behind this pantry staple’s sudden rise to viral fame? And what does it say about social media’s relationship with food and making budget staples taste better?

Kyle Monk

Kyle Monk is the CEO of Consumer Industries, a consumer and retail market advisory. He was previously the global consumer knowledge lead at RRA and the director of insight for the British Retail Consortium. Throughout his career, he has led teams of market experts and economists who report on industry trends and act as the benchmark for retail, product, and service. Monk has over 15 years of retail industry experience and led the market intelligence function at Planet, a multinational retail fintech organisation.

Gilly Smith

Gilly Smith is an award-winning food writer and podcaster with a career spanning over 30 years. She has written an array of books, mainly discussing the influence of culture on food in its various forms, as well as an impressive number of articles for national titles and academic journals.

Maddy Alexander-Grout

Maddy Alexander-Grout is a TikTok trainer who helps people who are just starting to get to 1k followers and beyond with simple strategies and free bi-weekly training. She utilises her expert knowledge of the platform to teach others how to build up a content plan, get the right hashtags and even hack the algorithm.

Kat Romero

Kat Romero is a writer and journalist with over a decade's worth of experience in the industry at a national level. She's worked across multiple sectors within journalism, focusing on lifestyle, consumer trends, health, relationships, and parenting content.