Why humour will be essential for 2024
19 Mar 2024
Why humour will be essential for 2024

In 2024, there will be decisive elections in the US, UK, and Germany while the cost of living crisis is likely to intensify. Instead of engaging in serious rhetoric, how might brands harness humour to diffuse societal tensions and engage consumers with a more playful tone of voice?

Andrew Tarvin

Andrew Tarvin is the CEO of Humor That Works, a leadership development company that teaches professionals how to use humour to achieve better business results.

Allie LeFevere

Allie LeFevere is an expert in branding and comedy and the co-founder of Obedient Agency, the first agency on planet Earth to specialise in humour.

Chris Bliss

Chris Bliss is an American stand-up comedian, with credits including The Tonight Show and The Late Show with David Letterman. He explores the inherent challenge of communication and how comedy opens paths to new perspectives.

Maksymilian Fus-Mickiewicz

Maksymilian Fus-Mickiewicz is a strategist who creates powerful, game-changing ideas that challenge the status quo and shape the agenda that other brands follow. Using their expertise in trend forecasting, they discover cultural tensions that help brands like Mercedes-AMG, Rolls-Royce, and Spotify achieve ambitious goals and push culture forward. The Sunday Times, Vogue, and The Guardian have interviewed them as an expert in their field, while their collective TREMORS was featured on DAZED, Canvas8, and FACT magazine as ‘the nightclub of the future’.