Is this legit? The science of ‘woke’ authenticity
19 Jan 2024
Is this legit? The science of ‘woke’ authenticity

Consumers expect brands to be activists, yet many attempts fall short or are perceived as opportunistic ‘woke washing’. How can brands participate in activism while maintaining authenticity? Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Abas Mirzaei about the key dimensions of brand activism authenticity.

Abas Mirzaei

Dr. Abas Mirzaei is a senior lecturer in marketing at Macquarie Business School, Sydney, with expertise in branding, ‘woke’ marketing, and brand activism. His work has been published across academic journals and his woke branding work has appeared in multiple publications such as the Financial Times, BBC, ABC, SMH, NITV, Inside Retail, and CMO. He's the author of Woke Brand: From Selling Products to Fixing Society’s Deep Issues.

Bailey Bellingy

Bailey Bellingy is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8. After completing a BSc in social sciences, she joined the world of cultural insights. Throughout her degree, Bailey gained experience across social research methods, focusing on sociology, gender, and race studies. With experience on a range of qualitative projects, her practice focuses on incorporating diverse narratives. Outside of Canvas8, she can be found stocking up on Glossier or browsing Jane’s Patisserie for recipes.