On-set drama!? The science of spontaneity in entertainment
8 Dec 2023
On-set drama!? The science of spontaneity in entertainment

As people turn to parasocial relationships and smaller creator-driven communities to counter mainstream media fatigue, they’re on the search for entertainment that sparks emotional connections. Canvas8 spoke to Jacqueline Rifkin to understand how spontaneity can do just that.

Jacqueline Rifkin

Jacqueline Rifkin is an assistant professor of marketing at SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University. Her research interests include consumer psychology and consumer well-being where she explores how marketing and consumption affect well-being on both an individual and societal level.

Safa Arshadullah

Safa Arshadullah is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8 with a background in organisational studies and strategic communications. To her, exploring behavioural and cultural insights is a means of learning nuances to better foster equity and justice in the world. Outside of work, you can find her tinkering with her chai recipe, taking meandering walks in neighborhoods she’s never been to, or analysing one of the multiple TV series she’s watching.