What’s the future of the KSA mall?
9 Nov 2023
What’s the future of the KSA mall?

With the Vision 2030 project driving cultural reform and changing everyday experiences across a range of sectors, new conversations around identity are emerging. How will this moment of transition impact of the future of the Saudi mall? And how will new expectations change retail experience?

Aleksandar Josipovic

Aleksandar Josipovic, a distinguished leader in the luxury sector, is a visionary force known for his exceptional contributions to sales, marketing, and innovation. With over 25 years of experience, he has left an indelible mark on the Middle Eastern and APAC markets. As the founder of The Dark Ink, a prominent consultancy and coaching company. His pioneering work in implementing AI technologies has revolutionised the luxury industry, driving remarkable growth and keeping it at the forefront of innovation.

Wassila Aziz

Wassila Aziz is an entrepreneur, creative director, and the founder of INFLUENTE, an agency dedicated to women in the Middle East. Wassila's expertise has led her to collaborate with esteemed global brands, including Hermès, LVMH Parfum & Beauty, dinh van, and Burberry, as well as regional favourites such as Bouguessa, Gafla, and Maryam Omaira. Wassila also founded Apartment 7B, an innovative platform for emerging designers to reach a broader audience. Her success with regional pop-ups led to an international collaboration with Printemps Haussmann in 2023.

Mariella Agapiou

Having weaved a career that started in PR and social, and led to journalism before turning to the dark side (brand side), Mariella is able to execute all kinds of projects. From research to editorial, ideation to creation. Mariella worked within the fashion industry - both in London and Dubai - for over ten years at publications and brands such as Bustle, ELLE UK, Ounass, Wednesday, MATCHESFASHION.COM and Grazia Middle East. Now, Mariella focuses her energy on culturally conscious conversations, whether that’s consulting and strategising for her clients, or writing about positive escapism, sustainable style, mindfulness and women empowerment.