Who are the new K-pop icons?
15 Mar 2023
Who are the new K-pop icons?

Having entered its fourth generation, non-traditional and subversive stars are emerging in K-pop that speak to the industry’s rising global prominence. But how are these new idols paving the way for the future and reflecting the shifting attitudes of Korean culture and K-pop fans everywhere?

Lorraine (Lorr) Ye

Lorraine (Lorr) Ye is the Head Curator at thehug.xyz helping their community of 11,000+ global digital artists navigate how to become a multi-modal creator and K-Culture Writer at AllKPop.com, the largest English-language K-Pop news site in the world. There, she focuses on Marketing, Communications, and PR and holds interviews with renown artists.

Rosalie Kim

Rosalie Kim is the curator of Korean art at the Victoria & Albert Museum and was the exhibition lead curator for Hallyu! The Korean Wave in 2022.

Joey Levenson

Joey Levenson is a writer and editor with a wealth of experience across art and culture. This includes working on the editorial team for HERO Magazine and It's Nice That as well as freelance political and economic journalism for Tribune and broader culture journalism for The Face and Dazed. They have conducted countless interviews and have shared their expertise on aesthetic trends with the likes of Facebook, Adobe, and Squarespace.