2023 Expert Outlook on Geopolitics
21 Dec 2022
2023 Expert Outlook on Geopolitics

How does tribalism shape geopolitics? Why are new nation blocs forming? And in what ways will polarisation impact brand loyalty? In this part of the 2023 Expert Outlook, we speak to political scientist Thomas Greven about how the reshaping of politics will influence people's choices.

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Thomas Greven

Dr. Thomas Greven is an associate professor of political science at Freie Universität Berlin, a senior research fellow of the German Institute for International Relations, and an independent political consultant. His research interests include US politics and foreign policy, labour unions and industrial relations, globalisation and development policy, right-wing populism and extremism, graphic literature, and African politics. He teaches at the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies and at the Global Labour University.

Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson is a behavioural analyst for Canvas8. With a background in anthropology, she’s experienced in understanding the cultural mechanisms that shape the world. When not working, she’s making documentaries for her MA programme or wild swimming.