What’s driving the global growth of co-living?
24 Sep 2021
What’s driving the global growth of co-living?

The pandemic brought the importance of communities to the forefront of many people’s minds, prompting some to reconsider their living arrangements. How are co-living and co-housing projects catering to the desire for togetherness? And why else are people pursuing communal living?

Deanne Kearney

Deanne Kearney is a dance writer and researcher based in Toronto. She is currently a PhD student in dance studies at York University, where she is looking at popular dance and music within hip hop culture.

Elisa Cecilli

Elisa Cecilli brings over 15 years of experience as a researcher, having had stints as an insights leader at J Walter Thompson and Portland Design. She is a specialist in foresight, insight, and innovation, helping organisations predict cultural shifts, understand their customers, and identify opportunities for growth. She has advised organisations such as Samsung, Unilever, Mattel, Nike, Red Bull, Siemens, and LinkedIn. She was named among the top innovators under 35 in Italy by MIT Technology Review for the award-winning editorial project STREAM! Magazine.

Victor Vorski

Victor Vorski is an imagineer, creative strategist, and village builder. He is the founder of EarthSkyLab, a village building consultancy creating concepts and bringing village visions to life. He is also a co-founder of, a global event for regenerative village builders.

Zubeida Ramji

Zubeida Ramji has over 30 years of management and consulting experience in the community, healthcare, social, and settlement services sectors. She has supported numerous organisations in meeting their strategic goals. In addition to co-founding and managing a long-standing consulting practice, Kappel Ramji Consulting Group, she has had key roles with the Vancouver Health Department, Calgary Health Services, Toronto Public Health, Women’s College Hospital, CARE Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses, and the Aga Khan Council for Canada.

Natascha Nanji

Natascha Nanji is an artist and writer with a background in Anthropology and Fine Art. She contributes to art journals, museums and tech agencies and works with arts organisations to enhance their digital systems and communications. Natascha studied cultural criticism at the Royal College of Art and is co-editor/publisher of LAY IT ON THICK, a literary magazine orbiting themes around desire and erotics.