What are the chances!? The science of serendipity
3 Sep 2021
What are the chances!? The science of serendipity

From stumbling upon a store to hearing a friend rave about the ‘next best thing’, we’ve all felt the joy of finding the perfect product completely by chance. Canvas8 interviewed Dr. ​​Aekyoung Kim, a lecturer at the University of Sydney, to find out how brands can tap into the magic of serendipity.

Dr. Aekyoung Kim

Dr. Aekyoung Kim received a PhD in marketing from Rutgers University and taught at Rutgers University and the University of North Carolina before joining the University of Sydney Business School. Her research focuses on how environmental and biological factors can influence consumer decision-making and wellbeing.

Megan Carnegie

Megan Carnegie is a journalist and editor. She has written for Courier, Time Out, Guardian Weekend, Creative Review, The Telegraph, Evening Standard, and more. Outside of work, she can be found reading, running, and killing off her houseplants.