What keeps people hooked on appointment TV?
7 Aug 2019
What keeps people hooked on appointment TV?

The rise of on-demand streaming services supposedly sounded the death knell for traditional television, but bright spots have emerged even as live audiences have diminished. What gets people to tune into programmes at specific times rather than catching up at their own pace?

Amanda D. Lotz

Amanda D. Lotz is a professor of communication studies and screen arts and cultures at the University of Michigan. Her research examines the operations of US television and the representation of gender on TV. She teaches courses about media industries and gender in media.

Cory Sher

Cory Sher is the vice president of TV Time. He was formerly the VP of global business development and account management, media and entertainment at 7Park Data, and regional vice president at ComScore.

Jeremy Reed

Jeremy Reed is the senior vice president of programming at TV Time.

Inez Gordon

Inez Gordon is an assistant producer at BBC Comedy and was part of the inaugural BBC Three team. In her spare time, she organises comedy nights and independent projects.

Laurie Clarke

Laurie Clarke is a researcher and writer based in Scotland. She has previously worked in marketing for an addiction clinic and has researched everything from memes in advertising to the legal US cannabis industry as a behavioural analyst for Canvas8. Having studied psychology, she is obsessed with what makes people tick, especially when it comes to how they make decisions.