How do Italians get news from social media?
17 Jun 2018
How do Italians get news from social media?

Despite a lack of support from traditional print media, populists have just seized power in Italy – and half of voters backed them in the March 2018 elections. So why has Italy’s media industry changed and just how are Italians getting their news today?

Gianluca Sgueo

Gianluca Sgueo is a professor in media, activism and democracy at New York University in Florence. He is also a policy analyst at the European Union parliament.

Sabika Shah Povia

Sabika Shah Povia is an Italian-Pakistani journalist who writes about terrorism in Europe, Islam, integration and migration. She also campaigns for greater rights for migrants in Italy.

Matilde Giglio

Matilde Giglio is the Rome-born co-founder of Compass News, a journalism startup. She studied at LSE and in February 2018 moved to New York, where Compass has opened its second office.

Darren Loucaides

Darren Loucaides is a travel writer and music critic for the BBC. He’s lived and travelled in Italy, the Middle East and Latin America, and has become obsessed with the parallels between cultural and political trends.