How beauty brands can become male-friendly
7 Feb 2018
How beauty brands can become male-friendly

The traditionally female-focused make-up market is steadily opening up to a new demographic – but what are the driving forces behind the male beauty movement? Canvas8 spoke to David Yi, the founder of Very Good Light, to understand how brands can tap into men’s growing interest in cosmetics.

David Yi

David Yi is the editor at Very Good Light, a men's beauty publication aimed at Gen Zers and Yers that seeks to redefine masculinity and create a safe space for all men. He previously launched fashion and beauty at Mashable and has also worked at WWD and the New York Daily News.

Oriyan Prizant

Oriyan Prizant is a researcher at Canvas8. He has a BA in law from Cambridge, which focused on people's perceptions of contract breaches, and cultivates an unhealthy interest in Korean pop music.