2016 Expert Outlook on Eating and Drinking
7 Dec 2015
2016 Expert Outlook on Eating and Drinking

Is fine dining over? Are we all getting more experimental? Can we become ‘slim by design’? And should we feel guilty about food? As part of our Expert Outlook 2016 series we speak to three food and drink experts about the future of eating out, cooking in and getting our five-a-day.

Jo Allison

Jo Allison is the head of content at Canvas8. She has a background in fashion journalism and 15 years of experience working in B2B publishing. A member of the senior leadership team, Jo joined Canvas8 over eight years ago to develop the membership offer. Before heading up the Library, she was an editor at a retail trends consultancy, where she specialised in luxury shopper behaviours. A mum of two and based in Sheffield, away from work, Jo can be found walking in the peaks or hunting down new clothing brands.