2015 Expert Outlook on Getting Around
11 Dec 2014
2015 Expert Outlook on Getting Around

How will people navigate cities in 2015? Will people really prefer to get a train than a plane? When will electric cars become the norm? And why are our travel plans becoming more spontaneous? As part of our Expert Outlook 2015 series we speak to three travel experts about the future of getting around

Alex Strang

Alex Strang is a senior insight editor at Canvas8 who used to be in a punk band that was signed, shaped, and spat out. He enjoys using his experience of being the product to help brands understand how to sell theirs. After studying philosophy and critical theory, he found his feet in the market research world and has been over-analysing consumer behaviour ever since, including his own. He can usually be found playing board games, watching Seinfeld, or trying too hard to make his daughter laugh.