Grassroots GreenscapingCitizens are taking steps to create more eco-friendly environs
Grassroots Greenscaping

The pandemic has catalysed action to tackle climate change. People have been cycling and walking more often – not only to distance themselves from others on public transport, but to play their part in reducing pollution. By making small changes, they’re creating a greener future for themselves and their communities, though they recognise that bigger shifts must come from higher powers.

COVID-19 has made people consider the environmental harm caused by everyday actions before the pandemic. Over half of Britons noticed cleaner air during lockdown, and with high rates of fine particle pollution linked to worse virus-related health outcomes, this issue is growing in importance. But it’s not the only focus of people’s efforts to create better environs for themselves and their communities. Some have been swapping tips on rewilding and turning their gardens into eco-sanctuaries, while certain employers in the US are granting renewable energy credits as a work perk.