Clouded ValuesPeople want clear advice on ethical consumption
Clouded Values

Though COVID-19 has provided some sense of global unity, years of polarising politics and call-out culture have resulted in a fragile social fabric. Many people are feeling a sense of hopelessness and are quick to adopt positions of moral outrage. But while they may criticise brands for falling short of their standards, there’s a value-action gap as many struggle to know how to consume ethically.

Brexit exposed a gulf in political and social views in the UK, while the rise of ‘gong’ politics in the US has further polarised the media space. Within this landscape, identifying a singular voice of reason is proving difficult. With many governments failing to take sufficient action on issues like climate change, people are expecting brands to do the heavy lifting instead – 66% want companies to show greater positive social impact when launching a new product or service. However, they have no problem calling out companies when they fail to meet expectations, even if it’s just a way of virtue signalling.